Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Fratton Yankees select Buster Posey

So today as part of an ongoing draft I was on the clock in the first round of our mL section. In years past I have concentrated on Japanese players and picked up the likes of Dice-K, Johjima, Fukodome and Kuroda but this year I have decided that my selections have been pretty poor compared to the rest of the league.

I had the 7th pick (and consider a lot of the top talent already went in previous years drafts) and I had a very short shortlist - Strasburg and Hanson, both were gone within three picks. So I did a bit of research and picked a player I had actually heard of - albeit not in a great light.

I am a big PTI fan and I watch it every single day (when its on obviously) and last summer my selection made headlines because his manager in college played him in every position. To hear what Tony & Mike had to say about it please watch the video below.

However the kid looks like a cracking prospect. I actually have two catchers on my ML roster - Jorge Posada (picked up as a FA late last season and I decided to pick him up as I saw him as a keeper) and Victor Martinez. Now Jorge is possibly not going to stay behind Home Plate for too much longer and nor is Victor Martinez so having a top tier calibre catcher in the minors in an excellent addition.

The thing is this kid can flat out rake as well. Look at this Home Run to Deep Center Field against Wake Forest.

So all in all I am going to the Minors for my minor league talent and not the best from outside America and hoping they'll move over to the US of A at some point in the near future. I just hope it's a good move on my part!

(For the record my four strong mL players are Uehera (Orioles) Kuroda (Dodgers) Gourriel (Cuba) and Niemann (Rays) - you could easily argue that straight away Posey become my #1 mL talent despite essentially being my 5th round pick!


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